The company has certified engineers that supervise all types of hydraulic structures (dams, embankments, canals, port structures, etc.), transport structures (roads, highways, railways and airports), industrial facilities and all specialized geotechnical works (foundations, excavation protection, remediation of landslides, etc.).

In addition, our personnel carry out technical supervision of quality control of earthworks during construction.

  • Ensuring project compliance with spatial plans, laws and regulations
  • Ensuring the required quality level
  • Construction work progress monitoring
  • Take-over of completed works
  • Approval of next work stage implementation
  • Reporting on deficiencies and irregularities and proposing corrective actions
  • Checking and approval of completed work and used material quantities
  • Checking and approval of material and equipment quality
  • Construction schedule monitoring
  • Preparation of Final Report used to obtain the Usage permit for the finished facility.
  • Head supervising engineer
  • Supervising engineer
  • Geotechnics supervising engineer
  • Earthwork process supervision
  • Specialized geotechnical work supervision
  • Naziv: Poboljšanje konkurentnosti i učinkovitosti MSP kroz informacijske i komunikacijske tehnologije (IKT) – 2


    Kratki opis projekta: Projekt je omogućio poboljšanjem informatičke opremljenosti tvrtku dovesti do višeg nivoa poslovanja i konkurentnosti.


    Razdoblje provedbe 28.08.2019. do 28.03.2021.


    Ukupna vrijednost projekta 905.000,00 kn, a bespovratna sredstva 470.600,00 kn


    Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj