Quality policy

The Geokon Zagreb d.d. (GEOKON) quality policy is an integral part of the company’s business policy aimed primarily at achieving the expected level of satisfying quality requirements of the clients to whom the company renders its services, and complying with legal and regulatory provisions. In doing so, the company has identified and ensured resources needed to provide the services as well as resources needed by other stakeholders - employees, suppliers, company and owners. The quality policy enables a continual improvement of quality of business processes by a systematic approach to the company management oriented towards identifying, understanding and managing of interrelated processes as a system.


The basic prerequisites for the implementation of quality policy are:

  • adopting and control of the company's quality policy,
  • development, introduction and continual improvement of a documented quality management system according to the requirements of the standard HRN EN ISO 9001: 2015,
  • appointing the company board Quality Management Representative authorised to control, evaluate and plan the improvement of the quality management system
  • communicating within the company the importance of satisfying the client’s requirements and complying with legal regulations.


Quality objectives:

  • improving the quality of business processes in all company’s business functions,
  • achieving the contracted quality of services with the efficient use of all necessary resources,
  • creating and maintaining a positive and recognizable image of the company through the satisfaction of the clients, thus ensuring the market viability of the company’s services.


The quality objectives are achieved based on the following principles:

  • quality of services is responsibility and permanent duty of all the employees who have been communicated the company’s quality policy and objectives
  • all business activities are planned, implemented, controlled and documented, with each employee being explicitly assigned his/her duties and executive responsibilities
  • constant care for the quality of employees' work with the implementation of the necessary additional education and training
  • encouraging commitment to quality at all levels within the company, with clear top management guidance in terms of adopting and implementing guidelines related to achieving the satisfaction of all stakeholders


Zagreb, 22.03.2018.

Director Geokon-Zagreb d.d.
Zlatko BRŠČIĆ, dipl. inž. građ.

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