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Design and consultancy services in the field of geotechnics and hydraulic engineering, industry, transport infrastructure and environmental protection are among the core activities of Geokon-Zagreb. A team of highly experienced experts develops comprehensive design documentation at all levels (studies, feasibility studies, conceptual, basic and detailed designs, tender documents, design supervision) for the following structures and projects:

  • reservoir and retention basin earth dams,
  • all types of embankments, platforms, breakwaters, etc,
  • industrial, power generation and infrastructure facilities,
  • hydraulic structures,
  • construction pit protection and foundation geotechnical designs,
  • foundation soil improvement by material substitution,
  • remediation of land slides, protection of slopes and deep cuts in geotechnical structures,
  • drainage systems,
  • canals and deep cuts,
  • open pits and waste landfills,
  • special structures (border crossings, halls, RC porches, ski resorts, etc.)
  • geotechnical designs for roads and railways,
  • preparation of environmental improvement programs,
  • Revisions of geotechnical design documentation.